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Women over 50

Supporting Women

in Transition

  • Discover and embrace your unique inner beauty and individual style  

  • Love the woman in the mirror 

  • Live a radiant lifestyle with ease and joy

Julie is so much more than an Image Stylist. She has a true gift for recognising your inner beauty and style. She helps you to have a deeper understanding of your true nature and  what looks good on you. She wants all women to know they can look and feel fabulous at any age and stage of life. 

Julie's desire for each of her clients is to:

  • Understand and embrace their own personal charisma.

  • Have a wardrobe full of clothes that make them feel great and are perfect for any occasion.

  • Know how to choose the right clothing and dress according to their personality, colouring and body shape, taking all the guesswork and anxiety out of shopping!

  • Learn valuable make-up and accessorising tips to complete their look.

And ultimately. . .

  • Feel amazing about themselves and have the confidence to pursue whatever they desire in the next phase of their life.


"Julie and I had such a lovely time exploring my energy type and signature colours over two sessions. When we discovered I was a type 3 energy, it all made sense to me in a cathartic and very empowering way.

Such a relief then to connect with the spirit and adventure of Type 3 energy that feels so much more me, and of course the clothes and accessories that go with Type 3 feel fantastic and fun to wear. 

This may sound amazing but since I have stepped into this Type 3 energy and my soft Autumn signature colours, I have felt energised and powerful, I have met a wonderful new partner, and I have found a dream job (one that I never would have dreamed of even applying for, let alone take the powerful and confident steps I took to make sure I got it!) and I feel excited and adventurous in a way I have not felt since I was in my 20's.

I also found Julie's help with makeup and accessorising absolutely gold. I had never had the pleasure of someone helping me with this before and I now feel so much more confident to use makeup that looks natural and lovely, both day and night.

I can highly recommend Julie to anyone wishing to explore their energy type and signature colours to confidently dress and make themselves up to feel absolutely right in their body.”


Lisa Klugg  Melbourne


Hi I’m Julie.... 


For the last 30 years I’ve been helping women understand who they truly are on the inside and have that reflected on the outside by helping them with their image and style choices so they look and feel good inside and out. 


I see so many women feeling lost and unsure of themselves as they approach and navigate the several transition stages in their lives. I completely understand because I have been through significant life events and have had to re-discover myself and re-emerge over and over. 

I have learned to embrace who I truly am and I’ve been so grateful to the people who have supported me along the way. 


It’s not easy navigating midlife and beyond. We are bombarded by media messages and myths around “age” and “beauty” which can be very confusing and disheartening when you are endeavouring to discover who you are and how you want to be seen as an older woman.


The women I support are often experiencing the following - can you relate? 

  • Feelings of low self esteem.

  • Not feeling attractive, body shape changing.

  • “Lost in transition" -  the loss of identity and confidence after a significant life change. For Example - Empty Nester - when all your adult children have moved out of home, loss of parents or partner, career change, loss of career, divorce.

  • A wardrobe / closet full of clothes but nothing to wear that you feel good in. Unsure about what clothes to choose that are appropriate for age group. 

  • The dread of shopping for a new outfit, unsure of what style and colour to choose and where to shop.


I offer a range of services to support you through transition and assist you in feeling amazing about yourself!


Through a combination of image and charisma profiling, styling and colour analysis, you will discover your own unique dressing style. You will feel more empowered and confident in your everyday life, understand exactly what you need to consider when shopping, take the guess work out of selecting accessories that are perfect for you, as well as choosing and applying make-up that is flattering and on point.


I believe all women should be able to experience what it's like to look and feel truely amazing - and have clothes / make-up / accessories that they feel attractive in and sincerely reflects their inner beauty.



I feel transformed after my re-imaging Session with Julie, She has a gift, an eye for colour and she was able to bring out the colours that were right for me, that enhanced me. She saw more of me than the way I would normally present myself to the world. I'm very grateful, thank you Julie.


Kaytie Wood

Services I offer for groups and individuals:

  • Colour Analysis, Image Styling & Charisma Profiling - to identify your unique Beauty & Style

  • Body Knowledge - Dressing your Body Shape

  • Make-Up Application and beauty advice

  • Accent On Accessories - how to wear and what to buy, Scarf Styling

  • Your Wardrobe re-organisation makeover

  • 2 hour personal shopping time at a major Shopping Centre

  • Make-up & photo styling, professional Photo Shoot and viewing

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