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Signature Colour & Image Consultation  

Colour, Image & Energy   

This styling session is truly transformational! It’s no wonder it has become my most popular service.

It’s for women like you who are ready to:

  • Discover the keys to a more confident self

  • Upgrade your image and style with colours that flatter and add wow-factor

  • Attract a loving relationship or more business connections

  • Radiate more of who you truly are

Using my skills and experience as a qualified Colour & Image Consultant and Adviser, I take you through a colour identification process of colour draping, eye pattern and skin tone and reveal to you your personalised colour palette. These specially selected ‘Signature Colours’ are the ones that make you totally ‘pop’!  They are your ‘wow’ colours that attract lovely comments from friends as well as strangers. They are the colours you’ll feel totally at home in.


Your newly discovered ‘Signature Colours’ will enhance and complement your natural colouring and bring out your true beauty, giving you the confidence and self-assurance to be seen in a whole new positive way.


You will walk away viewing your wardrobe in a new light and shopping for clothes will become a breeze!

I also introduce you to your ‘Personal Energy Flow Profile’. This is an added strategy/tool that gives you a greater understanding of your dressing style, the way you move and flow in your world and why you think, learn and react in a certain way. Your Personal Energy Flow Profile will assist you to better interact in business, in your relationships with others, and with yourself.

Your session includes:

  • Personal Colour Analysis & Image Consultation

  • Signature Colours identification

  • Personal Energy Flow Profile


Location:               My Studio

Investment:          $255.00

Book for 2             $225.00 each

Duration                 2.5 hrs


Colour Analysis

Nothing is more empowering and uplifting than to look in the mirror and love what you see.  This can happen when the colours you wear make your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and your energy lift, you have unlocked a power you can use every day to feel great and turn admiring heads. Let me help you find your best colours.


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"Working with Julie was delightful and eye opening. Julie has a keen eye for colours and style and is very knowledgeable, warm and friendly. I came away with a much better understanding of how colours work, their effects on my skin and how my personality also influences the types of colours that suit me.  I  highly recommend Julie and I’m so glad to have done the colour & image styling session with her."  Jodi D. Vic

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