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A sense of my own Style…. began when Mum booked me in for an 8 week ‘Deportment Course’ with Helene Abicair in the last year of school life, for which I’m extremely grateful. It was a fascinating wonderous world of coloured fabrics, scarves, jewellery, glamour and makeup, as well as deportment and learning to walk the catwalk!


Each week I couldn’t wait to be there. I’d learn about the fashion of the time, as well as something new about myself and what suited me. At the end of the 8 weeks, on Graduation Evening I walked the catwalk in my hotpants outfit, false lashes and wavy long hair.  I felt happy and confident, proud of myself too!

That same year I wore a lime green A-line mini dress (well it was the 70’s) to the School Dance. I felt so great wearing it, I really ‘owned it’ and everyone gave me fab comments too. I realised then that lime green was a great colour on me; because everybody told me how good it looked on me and I knew it too. I felt confident and that night I stood out from the crowd, which was not an easy thing to do when you are just over 5ft tall and weighing in at 47 kg. So I learnt early that dressing in my ‘style’ and wearing colour I felt good in was the ticket to being seen.

I didn’t know it then but these two experiences gave me an inner knowing and a second sense about beauty and personal style. I found out that looking and feeling good about myself was a powerful thing… empowering…. and the early catalyst that helped define the woman I am today.

Now after more than 30 years in the beauty, wedding and fashion industries as a professional make-up artist, personal colour consultant and image stylist, accessories expert, beauty advisor and more recently my study of personal energy flow in relation to movement has added another fascinating dimension to understanding unique personal style. 

I have a bulging toolbox of skills, techniques, knowledge and wisdom with signature colour, personal energy flow, makeup and accessorising for your type of beauty my specialty! 

I believe I have something significant to offer the Modern Mature Woman who is struggling to find her individuality and uniqueness and to be seen and valued by the people around her.


It’s time to embrace midlife and beyond with a quiet confidence in knowing who we are and what we stand for! So let’s go there!

I take you on a journey of:

  • new possibilities,

  • self-expression and

  • discovery


I inspire you to:

  • embrace a more loving and compassionate relationship with yourself,

  • feel empowered to express your unique beauty and style,

  • feel confident, self-assured and creative as you navigate midlife and beyond.

Here I am today a ‘woman of a certain age’ ** a Baby Boomer with youthful intent, a Solopreneur and Transformational Style Mentor.  


I wonder sometimes how I got here so fast and truly can’t believe I’ve lived so many years already! I don’t feel old which begs the question what is ‘Old’? I believe it’s more about growing ‘Older’ not getting ‘Old’. I am a refined, mature, authentic and wiser version than my younger 30 year old self. Thank goodness!!

**Feminine mystery! I believe every woman of any age should have an ‘air of mystery’ about her (you choose… a little or a lot!) I don’t mean being secretive, just not divulging everything about yourself.  A bit of mystery is quite alluring, do utilize it more in your life!



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