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Wardrobe Re-Organisation Makeover

Is your wardrobe a reflection and an extension of YOU, your personality and your lifestyle?


Your wardrobe should match your current personal and business life, full of the colours and styles that suit your personality and compliment your body shape.

Your wardrobe should NOT be stuffed with clothes you don’t wear, clothes that don’t fit, clothes that don’t match anything else, or those favourite outfits you just can’t part with from the distant past!


When your wardrobe is organised and free of clutter you have a much clearer picture of the garments that make you feel great every time you wear them. Whenever possible you want to be wearing clothes that beautifully reflect your identify and unique personal style.

Ask yourself...

•             Does my wardrobe match my current life and business style?

•             Do the colours and styles suit my personality?

•             Are the clothes appropriate and on trend for me, a modern mature woman?

Imagine how calm you’d feel if, every time you walked into or opened your wardrobe you only saw things you loved to wear?  Outfits suitable for every special occasion, business or networking event as well as your everyday living?….. Bliss! 


Don’t wait ‘til next season to have a wardrobe that reflects who you are and is full of clothes that make you look and feel amazing!



and you too can experience the relief that both Lyn and Kelly felt.

Lyn was constrained by her dysfunctional wardrobe and overwhelmed when it came to shopping.  She wanted to update her current style but didn’t know where to start.

When I joined her in her wardrobe for a WARDROBE RE-ORGANISATION MAKEOVER She was nervous and unsure what to expect. Quickly she became comfortable with the process and was really excited by the valuable decluttering techniques and personal style tips she was receiving. She was so happy with the insights into her wardrobe potential and the new resources she could utilise when shopping.

Kelly was blown away: 

'My Wardrobe Re-Organisation Makeover was much more than I expected. I was really pleased with the outcome because as well re-organising my wardrobe which was stuffed with lots of clothes I didn’t wear, Julie also showed me the best clothes to wear for my body shape, the most flattering hemline for my body (I’m quite tall with long legs), how to wear my jewellery and the right necklines to choose that suit my face. She also showed me how to group my clothes into ‘go to’ outfits for day wear and really nailed what looked best on me for night time. And all of this without leaving my room!  Thank you so much Julie.

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