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The Finishing Touch 

Accessorise to add Pizzaz!

A Wardrobe is not complete without Accessories that Flatter.


  • Are you ready to stand out in the crowd?

  • Express your creativity and show more of who you truly are?

Skilful accessorising can assist you in creating individuality and personal style.

​Accessories add flair and pizzaz to your wardrobe and can update an old garment, complete a look, increase your wardrobe.


Accessories includes your jewellery, scarves, belts, handbags, shoes, hosiery, hats and glasses (oh and fragrance is included too).


Julie uses her skills as a Colour Image Consultant and Energy Flow Profiler as well as her substantial retail experience helping clients with their Jewellery selections to guide you to get the best out of your existing accessories and also making it easy to shop and have fun selecting new additions.


You will be accessorising with confidence and ease in no time at all! 

Julie will share with you a little known formula that will undoubtedly assist you in wearing your jewellery in the most perfect way for your unique body and style.


In this session you will also discover 5 simple scarf tying techniques to maximise your wardrobe. 

Duration:            1.5 Hours

Investment:      $65.00

Invite a friend: $45.00 ea

Location:           My studio (Glen Waverley)

Your session includes:

  • Personal one-on-one accessory consultation with Julie

  • Hands on jewellery evaluation - you'll be asked to bring a selection of your favourite jewellery pieces (can be necklace, pendant, earrings, ring, bracelet) 2 scarves (if you wear them) and your favourite top.  

  • Scarf tying Demo

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