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Baby Boomer Woman: Are you a Relic or a Rebel?

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

The Baby Boomers are the generation that changed the social landscape, reshaping, and at times, revolutionising how we live, work and play. ‘Sydney Morning Herald’

Born between 1945 – 1964, the baby boomer woman belongs to the largest population demographic ever, and she is now living her ‘Third Act’ (a phrase coined by Jane Fonda) and defined as being the last three decades of our life!

To be accurate - currently (2019) Gen Z (1995-2015) has taken over the mantal of largest demographic ever.

The Baby Boomer Woman has lived life as best she can as a lover, a parent, a daughter, a grandmother. She has tended to newborns, adolescents, teenagers and young adults. She has cared for and supported her ageing parents, she has stayed strong in the face of adversity and grief and now stands at the edge of a new beginning… a time of transition and change. She is slightly afraid and somewhat anxious about what lies ahead.

She remembers the freedom of breaking the rules in the 60’s: Mary Quant and mini-skirts, Twiggy and flower power, and then there was the 70's: bell bottoms, cork shoes, the rise of the Discotheque and the Vietnam War.

And of course we remember the Marriage of Prince Charles to Diana in 1981….


The Baby Boomer Woman is strong, resilient and durable - a change maker who has seen much and experienced even more. She knows what she wants, she’s ready to embrace midlife and beyond with a passion she’d almost forgotten she had.

As retirement looms, it’s time to slow down – so they say - but she’s not quite ready yet. She wants more time for herself to do things that make her feel and look good, she still has things to do, she still wants to make a difference, she still wants to be current and of value to others. She’s possibly beginning a new relationship or starting a business from home.

Today’s modern mature woman is different from her mother and grandmother (the ancestral females in her lineage) but the strength and resilience she applies in her life was most likely learnt from her mother. However, in the new energy of today she applies it differently; she is breaking the rules and is not as restricted by the expectations and instructions passed down by her mother’s generation.

She is a 50 something, 60 something, 70 something woman who is enjoying her midlife/mature years. She is wise and still has much to give. She is making a difference within her family, in business in her community. She even embraces Social Media and uses it to create a richer and broader understanding of the things she is passionate about.

She doesn’t have to push towards things any more - it’s a slower pace, a pace that allows her to smell the roses and see the beauty around her.

There is time to acknowledges the beauty within her and she recognises it in others too. She is a modern mature woman living her life boldly, sensitively, wisely and with joyful gusto.

This is me!

Is it you too?

Here are 4 easy ways to embrace midlife and beyond

If you’re not loving the woman in the mirror each morning, and truly embracing midlife and maturity with joy, then try one of these easy pick-me-ups:

  • add some flattering colour to your wardrobe (if you’re not sure what looks good on you, ask some honest friends that you trust!)

  • try a new hairstyle

  • re-vamp your wardrobe (throw out things you haven’t worn in years, and add a few new interesting pieces that work with your old favourites)

  • try a new shade of lipstick or eyeshadow – even better, get a full makeup consult

Be a rebel and redefine age and beauty. Energise your style, give yourself permission to indulge in the finer luxuries of life, embrace change, shine bright and don’t fade into the background. Don’t go down the rabbit hole!

If you would like some help making these changes, contact me for a 30 minute phone conversation to see if what I have to offer is a good fit for you.

I would love to assist you to live a life more fabulous.

Julie xo

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